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Warm Congratulations to Adele Quinn at the Reading Half Marathon

On a brisk morning this April 14th, 2024, Adele Quinn demonstrated remarkable determination and stamina at the renowned Reading Half Marathon. 

Wearing the fresh The Hike with Mike Foundation team kit, she proudly represented our cause.

The marathon, celebrated for enhancing the runner's experience, took participants through the scenic urban center of Reading and culminated with an exhilarating stadium finish where more than 15,000 enthusiastic spectators cheered the runners over the line, adding to the electric atmosphere.

Adele's commitment was evident as she tackled the challenging course. Her efforts extended beyond mere physical endurance; they supported a crucial cause. 

By raising £1,500 for The Hike with Mike Foundation, Adele directly funds 25 essential therapy sessions. 

These sessions provide immediate help to those urgently needing mental health support, significantly reducing NHS wait times.

We are deeply thankful for Adele’s unwavering commitment and the substantial difference she has made. Her journey inspires us all and highlights the profound impact of combining athletic pursuits with charitable actions.

If Adele’s achievement inspires you and you’re eager to help combat mental health stigma, we warmly invite you to join our efforts. 

Reach out to us to receive your race pack and fundraising kit, and start making your own impact at

Thank you, Adele, for your incredible dedication and for truly making a difference!

— Team HWM

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