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Hikes and help.

This is where our founder Mike brings together his two passions in life – hiking and helping others. Throughout the year we run a series of organised hikes and events to raise funds to support and facilitate counselling for those people who need help. 
It’s pretty simple: we believe in the healing power of nature and the importance of accessible mental health support.

Regular Hikes

As often as we can, we love to host a hike that’s open to all.

No sign-up fees, and no prerequisites – just bring yourself, maybe a pair of sturdy shoes, and a readiness to enjoy the outdoors.


It’s about connecting with nature, and each other, and taking a breather from the daily grind. We even have our own doggy hikes so you can bring your pooch, borrow a pup, or just come as you are! 


Want to join? Sign up below and get all the details for our next outing.

NEXT Big Hike: 20th July 2024 - William Clough, Kinder Scout - 14km

Main Event Hikes: A Step Up

Feeling adventurous? Our main event hikes are designed to challenge and inspire, acting as our major fundraising moments.

These aren’t just any hikes; they’re opportunities to push your limits, meet like-minded adventurers, and contribute to a great cause. Some preparation is necessary, but the rewards – personal and collective – are immense.


Take on the challenge with us, and sign up now.

Private / Corporate Hikes:
Build Bonds outdoors 

Looking to strengthen team dynamics or simply want a unique day out from the office? We arrange special hiking events tailored to groups and companies. It’s an excellent way to foster team spirit while supporting mental health initiatives.

If you’re interested in organising a hike that makes a difference, reach out.

We’re here to build an experience that matches your team’s spirit and goals.

Flag on Mountain Peak

Our foundation is built on the belief that every step taken outdoors not only brings us closer to nature but also supports our mission to make mental health care more accessible.

Every pound raised directly fuels this cause, amplifying the impact of each hike. 

Join us now, and let's make every step count together.

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