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Challenge of a Lifetime: Michael Ford Completes JOGLE

In an extraordinary feat of endurance, Michael Ford has successfully completed the iconic John O'Groats to Land's End (JOGLE) challenge.

This journey, which spans between 800 and 875 miles depending on the route, saw Michael going the extra mile—nearly 200 more—by including the National Three Peaks for good measure. Michael summited Ben Nevis (1,345m), Scafell Pike (978m), and Snowdon (1,085m) during his journey.

The entire challenge was the equivalent of running more than a marathon every day for 19 days, covering a total distance of nearly 1,000 miles.

Along the way, Michael was supported by a dedicated crew providing drinks, snacks, and encouragement. He was also joined by numerous hikers, runners, and bikers for various segments of the route. Adding a unique twist to his journey, Michael offered a Spotify playlist challenge, allowing donors to control an hour of his playlist in exchange for their contributions.

This incredible challenge has raised over £14,000 for two remarkable charities: the Hike with Mike Foundation and Lymphoma Action.

Specifically, Michael has raised £6,405.95, plus £1,427.80 in Gift Aid, for the Hike with Mike Foundation. This funding will provide more than 130 hours of one-to-one support for individuals seeking mental health counselling and therapy, offering immediate assistance without the delay of waitlists.

Talking is one of the most important things in our battle with mental health, and reaching out for help is the hardest thing to do. The Hike with Mike Foundation’s hikes and challenges offer a comfortable place to talk and a safe haven for those struggling. Everyone is always welcome.

We at the Hike with Mike Foundation are immensely proud and warmed by Michael's support. His months of intense training and unwavering determination demonstrate that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. This journey has not only been an opportunity for personal growth but also a significant effort to raise awareness about mental health and the collective struggles many face.

For further information, or to enquire about raising funds with your own challenge ideas please contact us at:

About the Hike with Mike Foundation

The Hike with Mike Foundation provides support and counselling for individuals struggling with mental health issues, offering a safe space for conversations and activities that promote well-being.

About Lymphoma Action

Lymphoma Action is a charity dedicated to providing support and information for individuals affected by lymphoma, as well as funding research into the condition.

For more details about Michael’s journey and to contribute to the ongoing fundraising efforts, visit Instagram @mbford98

Michael has also bagged himself a "World Record" as being the person with the fastest known time for completing JOGLE + 3 Summits and earnt a spot on the BBC see this here:

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